A trip to the southern part of Kraków known as Płaszów (read: “Pwa-shoof”). First I had to climb the famous Krakus Mound and the first recording was made while doing this. Well, strictly speaking I wasn’t climbing the mound itself, but the path leading to it. The town with its noises was left below. I managed to capture a particularly rich soundscape, with the intense, but distant traffic noise, wind blowing through the trees and dramatic cries of a magpie in a garden below. A very imperfect recording, but still one of my favorites.

From the mound you can get an amazing bird’s-eye view of the whole town. Turning south one can observe the so-called Liban Quarry which served as labor camp during the years of the WWII. Famously it was a shooting location for the well known movie “The Schindler’s List”. All the structures inside the quarry you can see in the pictures below are actually scenography elements left by the film crew in 1993. Actually the whole area (quarry and beyond) was a site of the former nazi concentration camp Kraków-Płaszów. As it was almost completely destroyed by its creators in 1945, today it is an uninhabited area, with only a few remaining (historical) structures left and a peculiar eeriness to it.

For the first recording site I chose a spot near to a spectacular cliff, but wasn’t satisfied with the results, mostly because of the wind.

liban 1

liban 2

The second location in the quarry proved to be worthwhile. Some sounds from the direct vicinity are present, but the muffled wail of the city remains the main “actor” of this recording. Just as if the city life was being filtered through the stillness of this unusual place.

liban 3

liban 4

Walking further south I encountered an impressive monument commemorating victims of the camp.

Shortly after the heavy clouds, that were gathering for few hours, unleashed a heavy rain. Armed with an umbrella I hid among the trees.

w deszczu

Returning home, minding the rhythm of my steps while walking past an infamous hill.


Recorded 16.07.2012 at various locations.


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    • Tak, helikopter kołował nad miastem, bo (jak się później okazało) w czasie gdy nagrywałem, w centrum odbywał się finał etapu Tour de Pologne.

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