To record water

A pond (or maybe even a lake) in the middle of nowhere, a cloudy and sleepy summer Wednesday (one of those Wednesdays filled with warm blandness). This pond – popular among anglers – attracts locals when the weather is warm and sunny. Fortunately, when I decided to go there, the weather was quite the opposite. Not a single soul appeared during the recording, so I spent over an hour surrounded by the sounds of water, disturbed only occasionally by passing cars.

To keep the water level under control, a kind of culvert was built in the northern part of the lake. The water flows down the culvert into a stream which disappears somewhere in the woods to join the Mała Panew river further north.

The water level was low. It was a real pleasure to record these soft splashes while standing on the large but wobbly rocks.


It was difficult for me to cut off the constant hum of the culvert. All I could do was to place the microphone a bit lower, beneath the bigger rocks. The sound became subtler.


All recordings (made 25.07.2012) are left unprocessed, except for the fade ins and outs.

The exact location of this recording – 50°33’12,60″N, 18°38’24,10″E.


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