On the Rails

It is often said that (the sounds of) trains are one of field recordists’ favourite subjects. After a close encounter with the city trams I began to understand why such claims are being made. However recording “real” trains turned out to be less exciting than I imagined. First of all I found out that it is really damn hard to make worthwhile recordings of train sounds while remaining stationary. The day was windy, and the machines were not always heading in the “right” direction… Adding to the inconvenience was also the not-so-briliant acoustics of the Kraków’s central railway station where I made my recordings. Nevertheless I managed to come out of that recording session with a few decent sounding snippets.

So this time – instead of a static soundscape – a sound collage from field recordings made at the aforementioned location.

All sounds recorded 12.07.2012.

(I feel that one cannot write about train related field recordings without recommending a recent album by the great Chris Watson. So here it is – El Tren Fantasma.)


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