Soundscapes of Kraków (II) – Tales of a roundabout

I chose the Mogilskie Roundabot as a recording site for two simple reasons – first of all, I live near to it, so over the time it became for me an ultimate representation of the ever fluctuating big city traffic. Secondly, as large and open as it is the roundabout offers no major obstacles for sound to spread. Few years ago it’s been rebuilt, and is now serving as one of the largest communication centres of the city. A significant number of trams and busses passing through the city centre eventually find their way to this roundabout, so all in all it is a pretty busy place.

The recording is from a tram-only stop, and of course those machines (some of them quite old) provide mostly the excitement here, but you can also hear car traffic and considerable number of bikes passing by. The crispy sound of bike mechanisms provides a nice counterbalance for the deep and thumping speech of the trams.

I sat down to record 14 minutes worth of material.

Recorded 10.07.2012.

The exact locations of the so far made recordings can be found here.


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